I hired Brian for my sister’s bachelorette party. He is an insightful and engaging Tarot Reader. He beautifully articulates deep life topics and everyone who had a reading felt seen and inspired. Highly recommend for one on one or parties.

– Christina

Brian Duffy created a unique one-of-a-kind Tarot reading for my sister, myself and my niece. We all got individual guidance on where we were in the present and what the cards encouraged us to pursue or define in order to step forward into our futures.

Brian is extremely knowledgeable about the cards and what they may reveal. He manages to clearly and poetically evoke images and allegories that tell you all you need to know.

We were impressed that Brian’s interpretations were so specifically right for each of us. We all felt more connected to our larger purpose, and were uplifted & inspired by Brian’s insight into what drives our inner journey.  It was a wonderful experience!”

– KC

“Brian displayed a masterful facility for not only thoroughly understanding each card, but bringing into vibrant relief the story behind the spread. Having your life mythologized through the rich symbols that each arcana has to offer is so galvanizing – it’s like hearing the tale of your life told to you via the ancient oral tradition. And it doesn’t hurt that he is a deft and charming storyteller.

Each description of the grand archetype behind a card came with a grounded interpretation. As he guided me through each card, he offered practical advice for how to engage with what the card was telling me, or how the card was interacting with another card. And the homework assignment – a suggested ritual for integrating the reading – he gave me aligned perfectly with what the cards conveyed. This reading resonated powerfully with both my mind and heart, and left me feeling more lucid and inspired.

– Faye

“Brian is the only Tarot card reader I have bothered to give my time. The first time I encountered his talent was at a New Year’s party. Brian’s insights were completely relevant to me and my experiences. He was even able to speak to energy and events that were as current as a few hours prior. You can tell he is knowledgeable on the entire deck as a whole story arc, and each card as an individual symbolic chapter.

His spreads weave his arts of personal connection, storytelling, and sage advice. What really has me coming back is his focus on practical integration. Every reading, you leave with a little card, and a big recommendation. I have followed each one, and they have guided me closer to home, and given me the inspiration to start something new or continue forward, on more than one occasion. If you’re into logic, the collective unconscious, and a new perspective on your current tale, Brian can provide the perfect blend of mysticism and realism you seek.”

– Jordan

“Brian is talented, intuitive, caring, and so fun to work with! His guidance and interpretation of the cards was so helpful, reassuring, and soothing – with a lot going on during a crazy time in my life, he helped me better understand my hearts desires and unconscious and conscious goals. Brian naturally facilitated a deeper connection with myself, and helped me to trust my own guidance and intuition. The best part was the homework assignment! His assessment of my situation and his intuition for how I could better allow my path to unfold was spot on. I highly recommend working with Brian if you are seeking guidance from a heart-centered creative master.

– Jessica

“Brian’s immense knowledge about the cards and their interpretations and meanings was very evident from the start. He had a lot to say about not only the cards that came up in my reading, but also about the tarot system itself. He brought it to a very down-to-earth level for me, and explained very clearly about different ways I could interpret my reading in order to get the most out of it.

He did much more than flip cards and recite pre-made scripts, he really made the reading feel personal to me. He talked about practical ways I could approach certain issues, and even went over multiple meanings for cards that might have otherwise seemed out of place. He was very specific and clever at bringing each card’s message back to my original intention for the reading, as well as connecting cards to each other and talking about their combinations.

On top of that, his speech was cool, confident, and friendly. It’s very easy to tell that he has a great time doing a reading for someone, and his desire to help you take a new look at a situation in your life is genuine. This was so much more full and personal than most other tarot card readings I have had before. Brian is a master storyteller, and is able to weave a cohesive narrative through all of my cards and give me some novel advice going forward for addressing things in my life the reading brought to my attention.”

– Adam

“I only have positive things to say about my Tarot card reading with Brian. This was my first experience with Tarot and from the beginning Brian made me feel at ease and let me know what to expect. Once the cards were laid out, it was very evident that Brian has extensive knowledge of tarot cards but his real skill is that he was able to clearly and easily convey the meaning of the cards to me, a complete Tarot newbie.

He not only explained the cards and their meanings, but how the cards related to each other to weave a story about my life and personality that was eerily accurate. More than just a parlor trick though, the Tarot reading gave me guidance on how to tackle the core challenges in my life by showing me where (and on who) to direct my energy and focus. The insights that Brian pulled from the cards were specific, helpful, and relevant. The reading gave me a sense of hopefulness and clarity that I’ve been able to carry through the last week.

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the reading and how I can use what I learned to feel more fulfilled in my life. It also helps that Brian gave me a fun homework assignment! It’s something Im really looking forward to and helps to keep me focused on growth. I really wasn’t expecting such great customer service and I was really impressed with Brian’s depth of caring and connection with his clients. He clearly wants to use his talent to help others and it shows. I’ve already started spreading the word. Thanks Brian!”

– Emily