A Tarot Reading for June 11, 2019

Tarot is a story that never ends. It’s the alphabet of all stories. It’s a game whose playing pieces are the pieces of you, and we make up the rules as we go. Playing the game of Tarot creates a kinetic mirror, a metaphorical storm filled with twists and turns, unexpected surprises, and an ending that sticks with you. The characters and scenes of the Tarot call out to our unconscious minds, awakening a cast of sleeping symbols. These thought-emotion-forms that make up our memory, our personality, they jump out of us, into the cards, and back again. Uncommon pairings are made. It’s a company retreat for the many facets of our inner selves, getting the different departments to mix and allow for connections that don’t often happen naturally in the day-to-day work of living. We all contain many different people within us, and Tarot invites them all to an impromptu jam session.

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A Tarot Reading for May 25, 2019

A Tarot Reading is fast, specific, and thorough. It’s one of the most convenient ways to provoke and challenge your own assumptions about yourself, your life trajectory, and the world around you. By drawing a few cards, you’re cleaning out your existential purse. The best way to deal with a disorganized mess of stuff is to dump it all on a table and sort through each piece individually. This is exactly what Tarot does to your thoughts and feelings. It won’t allow you to take any aspect of your own life for granted. It will hold up a mirror to the most neglected characters in the theater of your mind. It will shine a light to reveal hidden trap doors out from under a bad story you’ve been telling yourself.

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A Tarot Reading for May 4, 2019

A Tarot reading is a proposal. It’s a supposition. It’s a thought experiment that says “What if these cards have an important message for you?”. If we are willing to “play along”, we create an opportunity for magical experiences. It is similar to a movie, or a board game. A movie is worthless if you are only ever thinking about the fact that what you are watching is carefully edited footage of actors on sets. A board game is similarly worthless if it is your turn, and all you have to say is that the board and the pieces are merely printed words and symbols, and that the outcome is of no consequence?

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